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Anthony Maddoc, whose methods are unconventional and arguably illegal, is not politically correct.

Following his wife’s murder and his daughter Sylvia’s disappearance from the Bennington Campus, he leaves the NYPD and embarks on a crusade to find his daughter and, as avenger, bring fury upon those who shattered his life and settle every wrong regardless of the consequences.


About Bertil C. Nelson

Bertil Nelson has always considered himself a teacher. In his pursuit of learning he achieved the highest academic credentials and acknowledgment by two national honor societies. He began his teaching in the middle school and progressed to graduate school teaching and administration in which he served as an academic division and department head and directed an experience-based graduate program in counseling services.



September 30, 1974

As a young man, Anthony Maddoc entered the military with a Bible in his hand. He came home with it dog-eared and blood-stained. He slept in a dark room, often under the bed, and frightened his family with nightmarish outbursts. He seldom spoke and was brusque if asked about Viet Nam. He refused medication, claiming he needed to remain alert. He spent quiet time with his wife and daughter and went to church. The latter helped.


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